Working Beside You to Create Your Legacy

Long term financial security and stability begins with a well-crafted and executed plan.  Court Place will help you create that plan, monitor the plan, and adjust the plan for new roads that life takes you on.

Court Place offers holistic and comprehensive strategies utilizing a range of financial services.  From growing your wealth, to enjoying your golden years, to planning for your family’s future, Court Place will be along for the journey beside you as your trusted advisor.  

Welcome to Court Place Advisors, LLC

Court Place Advisors, LLC was formed in the 1990's by John Santry and Robert Wieder. The goal was, and still is today, to combine the services of professional asset management with professional tax and estate planning advice. Court Place Advisors is one of the few firms that actually have the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver on their promise.

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Financial Guidance & Planning

Court Place Advisors strives to ensure that your financial plan is sound for your current situation as well as your future.  Whether you are just getting your financial life in order or planning for a long and prosperous retirement, we endeavor to be your trusted advisor, aiding you in achieving your life and financial goals.

Protecting your Legacy

From starting and caring for a family to planning for a grandchild’s education, the impact you’ve had on those you love and care about will be your legacy.  Protecting what you’ve built and leaving behind something to be proud of is what we do for you. 

Investment Management Services

No two clients are the same, so why would their portfolio be the same?  Our goal is to build a portfolio that meets your needs and provides for you and those you care about.

Tax Planning & Strategies

It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.  We strategize with clients on finding ways to maximize not only what they make but what is also left after paying federal and state income and estate taxes..

Our Areas of Expertise

Market Summary

Cash Flow Planning

Replacing your earnings during your retirement years can be a daunting task.  Court Place will develop a liquidity and distribution plan for you throughout your retirement.


Tax Services

Court Place collectively brings more than 100 years of tax planning, preparation, and strategies to the table.  Let us help you maximize every opportunity available to you.


IRA Rollovers

You’ve spent most of your entire adult life building a nest egg.  Now what?  We will strategize with you on next steps now that you’ve turned the page on working for your employer.