Our Philosophy

The Court Place Advisors Way

Court Place Advisors, LLC was formed in the 1998 by John Santry and Robert Wieder. The goal was, and still is today, to combine the services of professional asset management with professional tax and estate planning advice. Court Place Advisors is one of the few firms with the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver this comprehensive approach.

 Operating as fiduciaries and private money managers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Court Place Advisors stays free and clear of any investment product bias or sales pressure.  In fact, Court Place Advisors sells no financial products whatsoever. Instead of selling products, Court Place Advisors works with our clients to develop long-term investment strategies founded on trust and a clear understanding of individual client needs and goals. 

We provide fee-only investment advice and investment supervisory services based on individual client needs. With no sale incentives or referral fees to worry about, we aim to avoid any conflicts of interest and are able to maintain fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Unbiased, Independent, Private Money Management

As a client, the Court Place Advantage gives you:

  • Investment advice and management geared timely and specifically to your investment needs and objectives.
  • Investment decisions researched extensively and independently, free from any bias resulting from the market whisper, rumor, and innuendo that are so often a deliberate ploy to distract the prudent investor.
  • Investment and relationship managers who maintain the highest levels of fiduciary responsibility acting ethically, in good faith, in your best interest.
  • An investment management relationship with no sales pressure. You will never pay us a sales commission and you never need to worry about hidden fees, hidden costs, revenue sharing, or referral kick-backs. There just aren’t any.
  • An experienced group of "team players" that can work with you and your tax and estate professionals.
  • A team of dedicated service professionals who take time to fully understand who you are, where you are, and where you are going. We are committed to maintaining personal and responsive communications with you while keeping your “Big Picture” always in sight.
  • Informative and regular investment performance updates regarding your portfolio with online access to your account information