Our Private Money Management Philosophy

Many of our clients come to us once they reached a certain level of wealth, or are working toward a particular financial goal. Many recall past experiences with their brokerage, bank, or insurance company and they couldn’t help but feel they were constantly being "sold". Looking for an alternative to the common investment sales model? You have found it -- with Court Place Advisors.

There is a Better Way

Operating only as fiduciaries and private money managers, Court Place Advisors stays free and clear of any investment product bias or sales pressure. In fact, Court Place Advisors sells no financial products what so ever. Instead of selling product, Court Place Advisors works with our clients to develop long-term investment strategies founded on trust and a clear understanding of individual client needs and goals.

Personal Integrity and Trust

As Registered Investment Advisors, Court Place operates as independent Investment Counsel. This means we provide fee-only investment advice and investment supervisory services based on individual client needs. With no sale incentives or referral fees to worry about, we avoid any conflicts of interest and are able to maintain fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Unbiased and Objective Advice

Our independence and role as fiduciaries gives us unique objectivity. Specific client objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance are priorities in every investment decision. We tune-out any influence of external research firms, investment banks, wire-houses, insurance companies, broker-dealers, and fund managers – anyone, or, anything that may be self-serving.

Experienced Professionals with a Proven Track Record

Court Place provides both a dedicated relationship manager and an experienced investment management team. Our track record speaks for itself, both with strong customer retention and steady client growth. Once client goals are determined, Court Place develops and implements the particular investment strategies to meet specific expectations. We can prove it. Come visit and let us show you, client-by-client, just how well we have achieved their investment goals over many years and through extremely varied market conditions.