Our Services

At Court Place Advisors, we provide expert assistance in the following areas:


Equity Securities
Bonds & Fixed Income Investments
Check Writing
Donor Advised Funds
Brokerage Accounts
Traditional IRA’s
Roth IRA’s
Simple IRA’s

Financial Planning

Retirement Plans
401(k), 403(b), and 457 Plans
Roth IRA Conversions
College Savings (529) & Educational IRAs
Estate Plans
Social Security Benefits
Required Minimum Distributions
Pension Analysis

Tax Planning & Preparation

Individual Income Taxes
Business Income Taxes
Trust Income Taxes
Estate Taxes
Charitable Remainder Trusts

Let us know how we can help you. To schedule an appointment or request more information, contact us at 410-465-4321 or email us at info@courtplaceadvisors.com